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Hillerska Boarding School is a fictional, prestigious boarding school that serves as the main setting of Young Royals. The school is located in Sweden, close to a town called Bjärstad, where Simon and Sara live with their mother and commute to and from school everyday. Contents 1 History 2 Students 3 Staff 4 Facilities 4.1 Chapel 4.2 Gymnasium.

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    Kaggeholms slott (otherwise known as Kaggeholms Castle) is a historic manor-style building, which stands in for the prestigious mixed boarding school Hillerska, where Prince Wilhelm is forced to.
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    There is this YouTube account called “Young Royals - a European Review”. The guy who was doing the reviews was organizing a visit to “Hillerska” and did all the research. You might need to deep dive into the later videos he recorded and I think you will find a link to all the information they researched about visiting the castle.

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  • After getting into a fight in a club, Prince Wilhelm, the second son of Queen Kristina of Sweden, is sent to Hillerska boarding school near the town of Bjärstad, where his older brother Crown Prince Erik also studied. Fellow student August, the Prince's great-nephew, watches over Wilhelm as he begins his studies.
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    The Real Life Inspiration For Hillerska. Y'all I knew Hillerska was based of a real life elite boarding school that got in trouble in 2013 but I had no idea how much was taken until I looked at the Lundsbergs boarding school Wikipedia page. Lundsbergs has a dorm called "Forrest Hill Ridge". Just thought it was interesting. The dorm for Prince.

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    It seems there are a lot of downsides to boarding school. Very strict schedule, need permission to leave the school area (while Simon is out there going to football matches and karaoke), have to stay with a room mate (very fortune for our three romantic couples, Simon + Wille, August + Sara, August + Felice that one of them always had a private room), have to hang out with the same people.

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    E-post till IHGR The International High School of the Gothenburg Region [email protected]. Telefonnummer till IHGR The International High School of the Gothenburg Region070-780 84 56 (Kristina Bergman Alme, rektor) Alla kontaktuppgifter.

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    Šťastná hodinka. 45:26. -13 %. 560 Kč. 642 Kč. Korejská móda jaro podzim ženy Midi plisované šaty Rozkládací límec Meruňková khaki Knoflíky Pásek Košile Šaty Elegantní Kancelářské dámské šaty. Výprodej 🔥. 01:45:26. -5 %.

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