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    CARE BY FLÄKTGROUP With our Premium Service solutions and skilled specialists, FläktGroup is by your side to ensure reliable operation and the highest performance of all your ventilation systems.

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    EasySelection – Simple search and optimization of units based on installation conditions Real 3D model interaction and 3D export of units including accessories Overview calculation of different unit variants Internationalized offer texts for all units Go to DesignA!R ACON FOR AIR TREATMENT.


      I have tried to introduce the highest technological level of Fläkt Fabric Filter patented in 1975 and this has been the best technology Fläkt (long bag up.

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    We use innovative ultrasound technology to measure air flows, dampers that will control smoke during a fire emergency and offer a vast range of grilles, valves and diffusers that are easy to install, simple to adjust and available in multiple sizes.
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    Solutions Residential Ventilation Residential Ventilation Our homes are our castles and we need them to be a sanctuary of health, comfort and safety. Smart technology from FläktGroup is making our homes better than ever before. Indoor Air Comfort in the home The purpose of ventilation is to provide us with healthy and fresh indoor air.

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    Check out our water filter installation services online or at your local Bunnings. Visit us today to learn more about our range of water filters.

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  • Basket Filter (2) Dewatering Screw (2) Drum Filter (1) Filter Press (6) Filtering Plant (3) Pressure Leaf Filter (2) Rotary Vacuum Filters (1) Screw Press (3) * Water Treatment Equipment (8) Food Equipment (49) *.

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    filters and fans etc. packed in a hygienic and rigid casing. eQL is FläktGroup’s range of air handling units for large airflow rates. The modular design means that it is possible to tailor the configuration of components, material selection and placement to meet the demands of most building types.