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Abstract. Background: Studies have shown that acute exercise can mobilize several leukocyte subpopulations in healthy individuals. Our aim was to investigate whether a min acute exercise has an effect on immune cell proportions in lymphoma patients. Methods: This study included seven lymphoma patients referred to curative oncologic therapy.

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Methods: To dissect the role of the lactate anion, independently of pH, we performed phenotypical and metabolic assays, high-throughput RNA sequencing, and mass spectrometry, on primary cultures of murine or human CD8+ T cells exposed to high doses of pH-neutral sodium lactate. Results: The lactate anion is well tolerated by CD8+ T cells in pH.

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    Drug resistance is a major problem in cancer therapy. A growing body of evidence demonstrates that the tumor microenvironment, including cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs), can modulate drug sensitivity in tumor cells. We examined the effect of primary human CAFs on p53 induction and cell viabilit .

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  • Rundqvist et al. used mice to investigate how exercise helps the immune system act against tumor progression. They found that when mice exercised, tumor growth was reduced, and this decrease in growth depended on the levels of a specific type of immune cell, the CD8+ T cell, circulating in the blood.

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    The aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) is a ligand-activated transcription factor that is known as a mediator of toxic responses. Recently, it was shown that the AhR has dual functions. Besides being a transcription factor, it also possesses an intrinsic.
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    Background The management of the cardiorenal syndrome in advanced heart failure is challenging, and the role of inotropic drugs has not been fully defined. Our aim was to compare the renal effects of levosimendan versus dobutamine in patients with heart failure and renal impairment. Methods and Resu .