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    The Husqvarna 55 chainsaw combines die cast magnesium and injection moulded plastic parts in the motor housing. This achieves a weight of kg, which is light enough for general property maintenance. The robust magnesium crankcase, and three piece crankshaft design may add to the weight, but they make the saw strong enough for the occasional.

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The 55's did come with a rim sprocket, forgot that difference I have seen 2 new 55R's that also came with rim sprockets recently, even though the older ones came with a sprocket. I think too, that the 55R came with 2 dawgs and the 55 with only one. I agree, that 55 better be close to new for $
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  • #1 Morning Guys, I was given a Husky 55 and I dont know much about the saw. Can anyone give me the specs on the saw? The other question I have is it came with an 18" bar and a chain. Can I change up the bar and run a 3/8 chain on her. Will she have enough grunt to run the bigger chain? Thanks, QZ Joe46 ArboristSite Guru Joined Jun 20,

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    Husqvarna AB, SE 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, tel +, declares under sole responsibility that the chain saw Husqvarna 55 from ’s serial numbers and onwards (the year is clearly stated in plain text on the type plate with subsequent serial number), is in conformity with the requirements of the COUNCIL’S DIRECTIVES: of June

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    55 is a genuine Husky saw,very dependable,You can trust this for a cracked starting cover. Dan Forsh Addicted to ArboristSite.

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    Engine Specifications. Southwest Trading indicates that the 55 Rancher's engine has a cc cylinder volume, which is a horsepower engine with a maximum speed of 12, rpms. Southwest trading says the 55 Rancher's engine comes with "Advanced engine technology with high power, low weight and rapid acceleration for maximum performance.".
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    Stendahls. 12 FI/SE. HUSQVARNAS PRODUKTSORTIMENT. Motorsågar. Husqvarna Effekt, kW / hkp * Air Injection™ E-Tech. och bränsleförbrukning. Modellerna i.
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    This workshop manual is mainly intended for Husqvarna 50, 50 Special, 51, and 55 models, but certain chapters can also be used for other models. The manual gives information about how to repair the saw and how to use special tools. In order to make sure that the saw will function properly, always use Husqvarna original spare parts and accessories.